“What’s Your Groupo” Challenge for Februrary Posted January 31, 2012 by Kyle McLaughlin


In December, Strides Running Store issued a “Run a Mile a Day” challenge. In January it was Team Mito’s Ottawa Ambassador Julie Drury’s “Plank to Plunk Down” Challenge of “plank”-ing for a minute each day.

In February, the MitoCanada Cycling Team wants to issue a challenge to all the cyclists out there:

The “What’s Your Groupo” Challenge asks cyclists to log their Spinning Hours on the bike trainer for the entire month to see who has “Earned” their Groupo. (Def: Also called a groupset; a complete set of bicycle drive control components)

Using the Shimano Group Set you can gauge your progress:

5 hours = Shimano’s lower end Sora

10 hours = Shimano 105

15 hours = Ultegra

20 hours = Dura Ace

25 hours = Di2



Take on the challenge and post your weekly totals in the comments section below. Follow the instructions for signing in and posting from here.



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