This is your chance to show the world you have the right stuff and to make a difference in the lives of fellow Canadians living with Mito.

TeamMto is recruiting 150 MARATHON runners for yet another Guinness World Record attempt –  “Most runners linked to complete a marathon” on May 28, 2017 at the Calgary Marathon. “We are very excited to use the energy of our nation’s 150th birthday combined with the energy of 150 of you running together to achieve something special that will go down in the record books”, says Blaine Penny, co-founder or MitoCanada and outrageous person who developed the idea. Over 80 people have signed on – we are looking for 70 more. We need YOU!


Eligibility to run:

There are 2 basic criteria:

1) runners need to confirm their ability to comfortably run a 5 hour marathon and

2) commit to raising $1,000

Most importantly, we want our team of runners to be inspired to make a difference supporting this great cause and have a ton of fun along the way.


Email blaine.penny@mitocanada.org to register.


  1. Has this been done before? Yes in 2013 TeamMito beat the Guiness World Record with 10 linked runners in the Calgary Marathon. Watch here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xs2rt1bWgQs.  Since then, the record has been broken a few times with the current record being 73
  2. Will we be stopping for bathroom breaks? Yes, we will pre-plan bathroom breaks. We will need to work with the race organizers on this front to ensure there are enough port-a-potties to handle our runners. For now, let’s tentatively plan for every 1.5hours or 15km as a guideline.
  3. What is the configuration for the 150 runners linked together? Still working on this, but we do plan to use surgical tubing with 1.4 m spacing. This worked well in a 10 person linked run in 2013. 
  4. Can I carry food/water? Yes, would be great if people can carry some food and water to minimize breaks, potential of tripping at aid stations, etc.
  5. Do we need 150 people or could we have more or less? Goal #1 is to get 150, but as long as we have at least 74 people who start and finish together we will achieve the record. We can also have more than 150 people, which would of course make it tougher for others to break it in the future.
  6. If someone drops out, can we still get the record if we have 150 finishers? No, everyone who starts must finished linked together.
  7. Do we have to stay linked at all times. We may be able to unlink at bathroom breaks. Still need to confirm.
  8. Has Guinness approved the attempt? Yes. Guinness has approved the application for 150 to attempt the record. The existing record is 73 people. We are going to double it! http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/world-records/most-runners-linked-to-complete-a-marathon

Are you new to TeamMito?

Watch this heart-warming video about Evan and the Penny family and their life living with mito:


Don’t think it is possible?  We have been here before:

Dave Proctor breaks the 24-hour record (Neil Zeller Photography)

2016 – 6 GWR Treadmill Records:





2013 GWR: Fastest Marathon by a linked team:

Email blaine.penny@mitocanada.org to register.




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