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The MitoCanada Running Team is a large group (over 125 members) that competed in dozens of events last year across North America ranging from 5km road races, to marathons, and ultra-marathons. An elite group of runners within the Team MitoCanada team include a 2-time trail running national ultra marathon champion, marathon race winners and numerous other race age group and relay podium finishes. However the “recreational group” of runners form the majority of Team MitoCanada. These runners are passionate about achieving their best and for “running for those who can’t”.
Team Lead: Shawn Dowling


Mar 16: St. Paddy’s Day 10K Run
April 14: Boston Marathon
May 18: 5 Peaks Trail Running series
May 26: Calgary Marathon/Half Marathon
May 26: Ottawa Marathon/Half Marathon
July 6: Powderface 42 trail marathon/half marathon
July 7: Stampede 5/10km Road Race
Oct 13: Grizzly Ultra Trail Ultramarathon Series
Nov: NYC Marathon


MitoCanada Cycling Team Athletes

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  • Angie Staley October 8, 2012 at 6:00 pm


    I met some of your wonderful volunteers this past weekend in Canmore at the Grizzly ultramarathon. I would LOVE to join a running team (or even start) here in Edmonton. Please let me know if possible.

    Thank you!


    • Kyle McLaughlin October 9, 2012 at 11:07 am

      Thanks for the kind words. We would love to have you start a running group in Edmonton. To my knowledge we don’t have any Edmontonians on the Team yet. What I would suggest is to JOIN online (follow the JOIN tab). You will be contacted by our Registrar Marla, you can then place an order for Team Mito gear. Then get ALL your running buddies to sign up and together you can start a Team Mito running group. One of the most effective means of raising awareness has been becoming an official charity for the local marathon. Calgary and Ottawa Marathons each had over 100 Mito Runners at these events and we raised over $40K for mitochondrial disease research.
      Thank you for supporting MitoCanada.


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