Why am I running for MitoCanada. For Kate, plain and simple.

Name:   Kelley Rabjohn

Occupation: Auditory Verbal Therapist

Previous Experience:   I have been running since I was 15. It started as a challenge in gym class, i.e. run 1 km every day for one month.  I completed that challenge and discovered that I enjoyed running. I prefer to run by myself., my only running buddy was my Dad.  I haven’t run with anyone else since I moved away from home many, many years ago!  Because I don’t like running with other people, I have avoided doing races. I have run only 3 races ever! (one 5k and two 10ks). I have never imagined that I could run further than 10k so challenging myself to a half marathon has been a big step for me.  I’m enjoying the feeling of pushing past barriers and I have been surprised at how anxious it has made me to do this.  It’s been a good lesson for me; a good reminder that moving past a comfort zone is hard work and I need to be sensitive to that in my work.

My Favorite Route:  My favorite running route is through the experimental farm and down the canal.  I like to run very early in the morning (so there are fewer people around) and sometimes I have the good fortune to see some wild animals. It’s quiet time that affords me the opportunity to think and ponder things while there are no other demands being made.

My Inspiration To Run: My father; he ran 10 – 15k several times/week until he was 78.  He is still a ski instructor at 80.  I want to grow up to be a fit as he is at his age!

Why am I running for MitoCanada: For Kate*; plain and simple.

* (Editor’s Note: Kate Drury suffers from an extremely rare form of mitochondrial disease. Her disease has resulted in profound deafness. Kelley is Kate’s auditory verbal therapist. She is teaching Kate to learn to listen and to someday speak.)

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