Team MitoCanada Posting Instructions Posted January 21, 2012 by Ryan Strom


WordpressThe following outlines some key points around how you can contribute to Team MitoCanada simply by signing up, and providing event reports, news reports or simply contribute to the blog-roll that is our story.

Here are the basic steps:

Sign Up

In order to post on the Team MitoCanada site you’ll need to click on Join Us to register yourself.  It’s free and is a very short process.  Keep in mind you will be added to the Team MitoCanada database which allows us to keep you informed of what goes on with Team MitoCanada.  We have no other use for your information and certainly won’t share it outside of our organisation.


Once you’ve got a user name, a temporary password will be emailed to you.  You then need to login in at the Sign-In Page.  From there you’ll have access to the user interface that allows you to change your password and login details, create posts and comment on other posts.  When you’re signed-in, a dark-grey strip appears at the top of our site with shortcuts to various functions.


Posting is relatively straightforward for those used to working an online blog environment. For those who need a hand on the intricacies of WordPress here are some resources:

Some points to remember that are specific to the Team MitoCanada WordPress Site:

  • Always select a category – located on the right side of the Create Post screen: this ensures your post shows up in the right category on the main page (avoid “Uncategorized”)
  • Always try to upload a photo of some description.  If you set a photo as the “Featured Image” (bottom right corner), it will be cropped more or less in the center to be square and placed on the front page as the image associated with your post.  If the image is large enough (at least 1000pixels X 530pixels) it will also be placed in the header of your post.
  • Feel free to use the “Format”  dropdown menu in the post toolbar.  Use anything in there to your heart’s content to create titles etc that will be timeless and fit with our theme.  Try to use minimal custom formatting such as text colour, and custom HTML.  Just makes life easier for us all now and later.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t sweat it.
Thanks for contributing to the cause by lending your energy to this awareness effort.  We look forward to what you have to say!
Ryan Strom – MitoCanada Webmaster
Submit a comment if you have questions and we’ll use the comment thread as a support forum.


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