Meet Nick Haddow – TeamMito Calgary Posted December 13, 2016 by Caroline


I first learned about TeamMito and MitoCanada through our weekly Sunday run group in Calgary.  One of the members of the group was Blaine Penny and it was through those Sunday mornings I learned about the foundation and ultimately TeamMito.  Since that time, nearly 5 years ago, I have been able to participate in a variety of events and see TeamMito become an integral part of MitoCanada.

nick-close-up The most rewarding aspect of TeamMito has been seeing how people have rallied around it and the impact it is having on supporting the MitoCanada Foundation and the individuals and families affected by this disease.  It truly is a testament to Blaine and Kyle and how an idea can snowball into something greater than I think any of us originally thought it would be.  I feel incredibly fortunate to have seen it grow right from the start and continue to help it expand across the country in the future.

One of my favourite memories has to be the Linked Marathon World Record in 2013.  This was an idea that arose on a Sunday run and grew beyond what any of us involved could have ever imagined.  To see how another seemingly simple idea inspired runners to join our Team and run for MitoCanada was incredible.  To this day, I have not had a race finish with the same feeling and impact as that day. The response after the Record was set and the awareness created was awesome.

nick-runningBeing a part of something greater than a race or personal achievement is why I encourage people to get involved with TeamMito.  TeamMito has also enabled me to meet some incredible people and families, that continue to amaze me with there resolve and positivity.  One of the best aspects of TeamMito is that while it is a vehicle to allow others to get involved, it provides just as much back as you give and I continue to be thankful for how it has helped me become a better citizen of the community.

This year I am really excited for the Calgary Marathon as always.  Every year TeamMito comes out strong and we have a great time.  I think this year could be really special with the 150 Linked Marathon, where I’m incredibly excited to get a chance to run with so many friends!


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