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My Mito story began In June of 2015 with a phone call from a Specialist at the Calgary Neuromuscular Clinic.  The Doctor confirmed my diagnosis of McArdles disease, and a secondary diagnosis of mitochondrial myopathy.  My reaction was, what is McArdles?? Mito-what??

I soon discovered the two conditions are closely linked. My body cannot break down glycogen which is used for energy production, therefore affecting the functioning of my mitochondria, also known as “energy factories”.  In my case, muscle damage occurs when the energy demand is greater than what my mitomarsha-runningchondria can provide for my muscles. In late June of 2015 I participated in a running event where I saw a MitoCanada sign.  I inquired about the charity with a person at the event who seemed to know a lot about MitoCanada and the disease – Blaine Penny.

From that day forward, I have been connected with and received support from MitoCanada. My Team Mito involvement includes coordinating local running events, speaking to media, farmer’s market, and other networking activities. One of my most memorable Team Mito experiences was volunteering at Team Mito’s record-breaking treadmill distances in May of 2016.   Building on the pillars of MitoCanada, Support, Awareness and Research, I am very excited to volunteer with the other Team Members to create a National Awareness and Fundraising Support Program.  My friends and family have been very supportive of the local MitoCanada events, and have shared some great ideas for future awareness and fundraising acmarsha-tabletivities.

I hope my own experience can serve as an example of the reach and complexity of the disease.  I feel very fortunate to be living with this genetic disease while continuing to be athletic within my own limitations.  Hopefully by sharing my story, I can inspire others to keep moving the best they can.    I am very excited to be a part of this great team – and look forward to reaching out, providing support,  meeting people and hearing their stories.


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