Ultrarunner Arielle Fitzgerald, from Toronto, will attempt to break not one but TWO Guinness World Records as part of Team Mito’s treadmill challenge at the Calgary Marathon expo this coming May. The 22-year-old will try to establish new marks for the fastest 50 kilometres by a woman on a treadmill, as well as the fastest 100 kilometres. Find out more about Arielle’s ambitious record attempts below and how you can donate to her fundraising campaign:

  • Name: Arielle Fitzgerald
    Arielle Fitzgerald

    Arielle Fitzgerald

  • Nickname: Swoosh, RecoveryRunner
  • From: Toronto, Ontario
  • Record attempts: Fastest female 50 kilometres on a treadmill, fastest female 100 kilometres on a treadmill
  • Why I’m doing this: I am famous for spontaneous challenges and I figured  WHY NOT? Great people, good cause and I LOVE to RUN.
  • Fundraising goal: $5,000
  • How to donate: Click here
  • Bio: I am a 22-year-old female runner and a nutritionist. I am always up for a challenge and have an inability to sit still. My friends call me the SWOOSH, because I am famous for just doing and never thinking! If I believe I can do it I go for it. Whether it be submitting a few mountains, running countless hours on the road, or whipping through the trails … count me in!
  • Running style: I don’t like being told what to do so I take a more intuitive approach to training – the days I feel good I run hard, the days I don’t, well, I run slow. I hate driving and refuse to pay for the bus, so I ultra walk my way around town for some extra time on feet. I love to keep my training fun and diverse. I love to play, which is why weight training, swimming, biking and playing make a frequent appearance in my weekly training schedule.
  • Training plan: WING IT! Just kidding … well kind of. Not stressing about training and becoming the master of Zen. I think the key to success will be becoming a master of the mind.
  • What scares me about this challenge: Flying off the back of the treadmill.
  • Superpowers: Well, that’s for you to find out!
  • Sponsors: Altra shoes, SUGOI apparel
  • How will I keep my sanity during my challenge? I won’t!
  • The logistics: How will I eat/drink/use the bathroom? Same way I do all the deeds every day … in one end and out the other!
  • Support team: Whoever’s up for the challenge of dealing with all my craziness.
  • More information: Check out Arielle’s blog at recoveryrunner.com.

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