Calgary Marathon Registration – 2012 Posted January 15, 2012 by Kyle McLaughlin


May 27 is a big day for Team MitoCanada as we have official teams entered in the Charity Challenge for both the Calgary and Ottawa Marathon Race Weekends. This email provides an update on the event and the next steps for you as part of the MitoCanada Calgary Marathon Project.


         Our goal is to see 200+ people toe the line in Calgary (in any distance full, half, 10 km, 5 km or kids run) representing Team MitoCanada to raise awareness for MitoCanada and Mitochondrial Disease. (So far we have interest from 120 people).

          To fundraise $15,000

 Benefits of Being part of Charity Challenge with Team MitoCanada

          Free entry for first 10 people to register

          Discounted registration rates for all others

          MitoCanada will reimburse your entry fee if you fundraise over $500 (everyone can set up their own fundraising page through Calgary Marathon – see below)

          You are supporting a grassroots charity (that fills a gap in our society and health system for people affected by mitochondrial disease)

          Camaraderie of an amazing group of runners who are inspired to RUN for THOSE who CAN’T


1.       Registration:

a)       Step 1 – Please go to  to register. The code assigned to MitoCanada is MITO2012.  Please use this code to for the free registration (first 10 to register). Once this is complete you will be sent an email confirmation with a registration number on it (JME#######). 

b)       Step 2 – You will need the JME# to register for the Charity Challenge and just go to the Charity Challenge page and click on “Sign up” on the left hand side of the screen. (You also need the JME# for race bag pick up before the race.  Please keep the JME#).

c)       If you have already registered for the race event but not the charity challenge, just go to the Charity Challenge page and click on “Sign up” on the left hand side of the screen. (If you have misplaced your JME#####, please email to get this number as you will need it to register for the Charity Challenge.)

d)       Also see below document with more details on registration.


2.       Fundraising: A little goes a long way! The beauty of a critical mass number of people is that it spreads out fundraising efforts. If we have 200 people who each raise only $100, that’s $20,000! You can personalize your fundraising page easily and email the link around to your friends and supporters. Easy peasy!


3.       Awareness: We are planning to have technical T-shirts for all participants so we show up wearing the black and green colors and stand out in the crowds. Don’t be shy, spread the word.


4.       Corporate Sponsor’s: We are looking for corporate sponsors who may be interested in sponsoring the purchase of the T’s. Estimated cost is $2,000 total. Please let me know if any corporations you know may be interested in sponsoring us.


5.       Water Station Volunteers: We are sponsoring a water station on the course and looking for volunteers. This will be the green and black cheering section and we’ll be flying the MitoCanada flag! Please have people email me if interested.


6.       Recruiting More Runners: Spread the word – we need more runners. Ask anyone interested to email me. Feel free to forward on this email to others and put the attached poster up at your workplace or anywhere else that gets attention. Also, please pass along the word to your friends in Ottawa and have them contact Julie Drury at if interested. Here’s the MitoCanada Ottawa Marathon page.


7.       Video: I would like to make a 2 min trailer video to promote our participation in the Calgary and Ottawa events. Please send me a short video clip or written quote as to WHY you are running as part of this charity team and what it means to you and the journey to help make a difference to people affected by mitochondrial disease.


8.       Team MitoCanada: The Team MitoCanada Project was created to provide a means to raise awareness for MitoCanada and Mitochondrial Disease through the participation of team members in sport of all types. We would like to encourage you to join the team – no costs involved. Click here for more details and to sign up.


We are so fortunate to be healthy, have choice in our lives, and to be able to run. So many people don’t – especially the 1:6,000 people suffering from mitochondrial disease.


This 22 min documentary of the inaugural “Running on Empty” (by award winning Calgary film maker Neil Webb) is a good summary of how MitoCanada started and how running is integral to our ENERGY and efforts to one day cure mitochondrial disease.


I have attached list of media from our awareness campaigns over the last couple years as more background.


Stay tuned for more information about potential ‘Team in Training’ runs and other exciting things on the horizon for the Marathon Project.


Be INSPIRED and let’s inspire others – thanks for making a difference!


Team MitoCanada – “RUNNING for THOSE who CAN’T”

 Appendix 1- Calgary Marathon Registration Process for Group Charity Challenge

Sign-up online to raise funds as part of the Scotiabank Group Charity Challenge: follow these 4 easy steps!

  1. Register online* for one of the 4 distances or the kids Marathon. This is the easiest way to enter and you will receive an instant confirmation by email. *Online registration closes midnight MST, Tuesday, May 22, 2012.
  2. Once you have successfully registered you will receive a confirmation email of your entry from Eventsonline and be directed to the online fundraising program. You can then create your own personal fundraising page and start collecting donations. Each of the charities has an online pledging system setup in support of the event!
  3. Follow the steps in the Fundraising section and click on ‘Sign Up’ and choose how you would like to fundraise. You can:
    1. Fundraise as an Individual — Sign up as an individual. You can create or join a fundraising team later if you want to.
    2. Create a Fundraising Team — Team Captains can create their teams by entering their team name & description.
    3. Join an existing Fundraising Team — Enter the name of the team you want to join or retrieve a list of registered teams by searching by the team captain’s first or last name.
  4. Enter your fundraising contact information, create a username and password, and choose the charity you want to fundraise for. Your username and password allows you to log onto the fundraising website whenever you want to send solicitation emails or check your fundraising results. Your username and log in information will be sent to you in a new confirmation email. Keep this email for easy access back to your fundraising site.

Now you’re ready to start fundraising. Once you’re registered, you can start sending emails to family and friends asking for their support.




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