Calgary Marathon Reflection by Sarah Penny Posted May 29, 2012 by Kyle McLaughlin


Thanks for helping make the Calgary Marathon day a huge success!
MitoCanada definitely made an impact in Calgary on Sunday.  Check out
the online photos at Calgary Herald.

MitoCanada runners represented on the podium with Jeremy Deere placing
2nd overall in the half marathon, Blaine Penny 6th overall in marathon
(1st in his age group), and 6 runners in the top 20 of the marathon.
Although these results are impressive, what I found the most inspiring
on Sunday was the number of MitoCanada runners who were doing their
Firsts.  So many of you pushed yourselves outside your comfort zones
by signing up for your first race ever, or your first 1/2 marathon or
even your first marathon!  Way to go TeamMitoCanada!  It was great to
see all the black and green shirts on Sunday.  We even had someone
come up to one of our 1/2 marathon runners during the race and ask him
what TeamMitoCanada was all about – he was a little out of breath to

We raised $25,000 for MitoCanada.  Thank you everyone for your amazing
fundraising efforts!

I have to mention Ryan Zahynacz, who ran the entire marathon barefoot.
Nope, not with minimalist shoes, but entirely barefoot.  Melvut Kont,
who ran the marathon after racing the Blackfoot 50 miler ultra
marathon on Saturday east of Edmonton. Sean and Debbie Messing who ran
the marathon, raised $6,750 and ran the Vancouver Marathon just 3
weeks ago!  I think Debbie even had a personal best in Calgary.

This is the first time I have ever ran a race for a charity and it was
so great to feel like part of a Team.

I can not wait until next year!

Just a reminder that the MitoCanada fun run is coming up on June 9th
in Canmore.  Nice relaxing 5km and 10km run or walk.  Great event
hosted by  Hope to see you out there.


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