Rekindled Expressions in Support of MitoCanada


Cousins, Carolyn and Dawn ventured into a partnership on July 11, 2013 and excitedly opened Rekindled Expressions.

Accumulating odds and ends of jewellery, various materials/fabrics and other items from around the house and here and there,  they have founded their business on rekindling  “second hand forgotton or unused items” into unique and custom crafted gifts.

Fashion Apparel, Pot Pourri Lamps, Jewellery and One-of-a-Kind Treasures are just a sampling of what they have to offer.  They update their website on a regular basis adding new treasures daily.  Check back regularly to see what’s new?

Carolyn, has had the misfortune of contracting MitoChondrial Disease.

Each and every one of us has mitochondria inside each of the cells in our bodies. We all need mitochondria to utilize the food and oxygen we feed our bodies and turn that into energy. It is this energy that we thrive on to keep our organs running and keep us healthy.  Without mitochondria our bodies will deteriorate.

Carolyn and Dawn are determined to heighten awareness about MitoChondrial Disease.

We hope you find satisfaction in knowing that with every purchase you are making a difference in someone’s life.  We thank you for that!

A percentage of all  purchases from Rekindled Expressions are donated to:  MitoCanada