How do you get Mitochondrial disease?

Primary disease

Mitochondrial disease is a genetic disease, meaning that most people are born with it. It is inherited or passed down from one or both parents.

In some rare cases, the disease is caused by a “spontaneous mutation”, meaning that it occurs randomly at or before conception, despite parents’ healthy genes.

Parents should never be “blamed” or feel that the disease is their “fault” as it is impossible to control how genes are naturally inherited.

Mitochondrial disease is not infectious.
You can’t “catch” it from another person.
It is not caused by something you did.

When mitochondrial disease is the primary condition, it exists right from birth. The severity of the disease determines whether symptoms appear at birth or later in life. The severity of symptoms among family members can vary because the location of the mitochondria that have a specific genetic mutation are completely random at each birth.